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The Internet is an invaluable resource for businesses today, and in order to be competitive in the marketplace, successful companies must take advantage of the newest technology. The biggest computer network in the world is surely the Internet. ATCI will help you to plug your business into the network of the world.

The Internet is one of the most interactive and effective ways of doing business. Up until a few years ago, businesses were limited in how they could reach their clients. Newspaper, radio, TV, telephone and fax machines were all expensive limited techniques. The WEB allows you to reach more clients and conduct business in limitless areas. It affords your company a less expensive way of marketing, communicating and selling goods.

ATCI can design and build a powerful, visible, and yet affordable web application for your business. We develop web solutions that work. The ATCI team of professionals have widely varied technical expertise which include HTML, XML, CGI, Java Script, VB Script, Java, Active X, Visual Basic, C++, Database design and programming. Our graphic artists will provide you with the best graphics and images available for you today. We can supply art, design, even animation for your web site.

ATCI will use not only standard search engines for advertising your web site, but we will also assist you with as many other tactics as possible to attract the highest number of visitors to your site.

Our fees are broken into two categories, the initial design / implementation fee and ongoing maintenance fee. There can be a fairly wide range of costs associated with web applications, depending on your needs and the complexity of the system. We can build powerful Web Solutions to fit many budgets! Contact us today and let us show you how we can connect your business to the information superhighway.

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