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Where ever you go, you find software packages promising a perfect solution. However, generic software will really only fit with one in a hundred businesses. Because you have specific needs, we build Software Solutions that work for YOU!

ATCI creates and develops custom design applications under Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7/ 8 and other system platforms for your specific requirements.

ATCI's engineers are capable in a variety of new software development techniques. We have experience in using Object Oriented Design and Object Oriented Programming techniques as well as the design of state-of-the-art Client/Server systems. We are also able to provide the latest techniques in Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

ATCI strives to build software systems and applications that are client/user specific. Whether you need a commercial business software application or you are looking for an industrial application and scientific solution, ATCI's software development teams will perform all necessary work to your satisfaction.

ATCI in partnership with Progressive Automotive Systems can also provide you with automotive repair shop management software. We install and support R.O. Writer Software in the rocky mountain region. R.O. Writer is the standard today in automotive shop management software. ATCI is a company built on its ability to innovate and deliver leading edge technology; R.O. Writer gives you this advantage.

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